Wisconsin Rapids is a thriving community in Wood County, Wisconsin. It offers residents a clean and safe place to build a career and raise a family. However, it is not untouched by common accidents like car crashes. Wood County had 1,205 car accidents and six related fatalities in 2016, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The five-year average for the county, between 2011 and 2015, was 1,157 accidents. Facing the aftermath of a serious car accident in the area would intimidate anyone, but it is important to know your rights and options. At Studinski Law, LLC, we encourage you to contact us to speak with a skilled and compassionate Wisconsin Rapids car accident lawyer.

If you were injured in a car accident near Wisconsin Rapids, you may be wondering what you should do. You are hurt and are facing a growing pile of medical bills. Your vehicle needs a great deal or work or replaced. There are too many tasks and worries on your plate, and at Studinski Law, LLC, our Wisconsin Rapids personal injury lawyers understand that it can be overwhelming. We are here to listen to what happened and to guide you through the next steps. We will also fight hard for you to receive the compensation you need and deserve so that you can put the pieces back together.

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We Handle All Types of Wisconsin Car Accident Claims

Our Wisconsin Rapids car accident attorneys are highly-experienced in virtually every type of auto collision, including but not limited to:

All of these accidents can lead to serious injuries or cause the death of a loved one. Let us represent you during an insurance claim, and if necessary, a personal injury lawsuit. Studinski Law, LLC will fight hard for your right to be properly compensated.

Common Causes of Wisconsin Rapids Car Accidents

At Studinski Law, LLC, our years of experience have shown us that car accidents occur for all sorts of reasons. A few crashes are unavoidable, true accidents. You wish there were someone to blame, but instead, the fault lies in factors beyond your control. However, we also know that the vast majority of accidents occur because of one person’s careless or reckless behavior. One person chooses not to drive as safely as they should. This negligence leads to a crash, which in turn, leaves you suffering injuries or grieving the loss of a loved one. When you are hurting because of another driver’s negligence, contact a Wisconsin Rapids car accident lawyer as soon as you can.

Our team at Studinski Law, LLC handles:

Whether you were struck by a teen driver running a stop sign or a drunk driver, who T-boned your car, we are here to handle the matter from start to finish. We will thoroughly investigate your claim to determine why the accident happened and who is liable. Then, we will guide you through the insurance claim and legal processes that are necessary to pursue compensation for your injuries.

Common Wisconsin Car Accident Injuries

Despite modern vehicle’s safety features, it is impossible to fully protect the body from a significant impact. Strong metal frames, braking assist, seat belts, and airbags can mitigate the damage to the vehicle and your possible injuries. However, they cannot stop the force from affecting your body. This extreme and unexpected impact can lead to:

It is always a challenge to place a value on your physical or psychological injuries. Through our years of experience dealing with insurance companies and litigating car accident claims, we can advise you on the potential value of your injuries. Our Wisconsin Rapids car accident lawyers can discuss with you the factors that may increase the value of your claim, such as permanent disfigurements or limitations, or decrease its value, such as contributory negligence.

Wisconsin Rapids Car Accident Compensation

Following any car accident in which the other driver was at fault, you have the right to pursue compensation for your physical, psychological, and financial damages. You have the right to file an insurance claim or take the other driver to court to prove how you have been harmed and the compensation you deserve. While a monetary recovery will not fix the situation, it provides a small amount of justice and ensures the financial burden of the crash does not rest on your shoulders.

A Wisconsin Rapids car accident lawyer with Studinski Law, LLC will fight for you to recover all your financial losses, including:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Wage Loss
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Emotional Distress and Mental Anguish
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life
  • Loss of Earning Capacity
  • Loss of Society and Companionship
  • Property Damages
  • Punitive Damages

Relevant Wisconsin Car Accident Laws

If you were seriously hurt or lost a loved one in a crash near Wisconsin Rapids, contact an experienced car accident lawyer to discuss the Wisconsin laws that may be relevant to your case.

In Wisconsin, every driver has a duty to stop at the scene of the accident they are involved in. If you were struck by a driver who drove away, then you were involved in a hit and run accident. One of our Wisconsin Rapids car accident attorneys can explain how proving you were hurt in a hit and run can help establish the other driver’s negligence.

In addition to the duty to stop is the duty to report. Under Wisconsin law, if you are involved in an accident that caused $1,000 worth in damage or more, caused damage to state property, or injured someone, you must report it to the police. With or without this duty, you would always want to call the police after a crash. It can be important to your insurance or legal claim to have an official police report regarding what crash scene, what led up to the crash, and who was ticketed.

Wisconsin’s personal injury statute of limitations is a relevant law. After being hurt in a car crash, you only have three years to file a lawsuit. This can seem like a great deal of time, yet it can go by quickly. Due to the statute of limitations, it is best to speak with a lawyer as soon as you can. This gives your attorney months to gather evidence, learn about the costs of your injuries, and file a strong lawsuit.

During a car accident lawsuit, Wisconsin’s comparative negligence law may become relevant. The other driver, who you claim is at-fault for the crash, may allege that you were also negligent. In this situation, whoever is deciding the case, whether it is the judge or a jury, must decide whether you were partially at fault. If the court determines that you bear some reasonability for the accident, then it will assign each of you a percentage of fault. If you were 50 percent or less at fault for the accident, then you may still recover compensation. However, your final compensation will be reduced by your percentage of fault.

Your Options When the At-Fault Driver is Uninsured

Wisconsin law requires all drivers to carry a certain amount of auto insurance. This is to ensure that anyone who causes an accident can be responsible for the property damage and injuries they cause. Unfortunately, many drivers get behind the wheel with too little insurance or none at all. This complicates your case. Instead of filing a third-party claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance, you have to look for another avenue toward compensation.

Depending on the situation, our Wisconsin Rapids car accident attorneys may advise you to file suit against the other driver. If we prove they were negligent, they may be personally responsible for compensating you. We may also help you obtain compensation through your own insurer if you purchased uninsured motorist coverage.

You Deserve Experienced and Aggressive Representation

After suffering injuries in a serious car accident in or around Wood County, WI, you deserve to have someone on your side who will fight hard for you to receive fair compensation. Our Wisconsin Rapids car accident lawyers at Studinski Law, LLC are not intimidated by severe and complex accidents. We will thoroughly investigate the crash, gather evidence, and negotiate an appropriate settlement on your behalf. If necessary, we will also fiercely assert your rights in court.

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