If you have sustained a burn injury, filing a lawsuit against the person responsible may be the last thing on your mind. However, taking legal action can be an avenue towards recovery. You may be able to recoup financial losses that are hindering your everyday life, such as lost wages and medical bills. At Studinski Law, our burn injury lawyers can assess your case and craft a legal strategy that will increase your chances of success. With us, people come first. We handle the cases we take on with compassion and understanding.

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What is a Burn?

Simply put, a burn is damage done to your body’s tissue that is caused by chemicals, hot objects, sunlight, electricity, or anything else that involves elevated heat levels. There are three types of burns, each having to do with a certain level of skin damage. Burn varieties include:

  • First-Degree Burns
    These burns are the least severe and often involve redness and no noticeable blistering. These burns can be easily treated with home remedies.
  • Second-Degree Burns
    This type of burn often includes damage to several layers of the skin. These often lead to significant skin loss, swelling, and blistering.
  • Third Degree Burns
    This injury is unique in that it affects the skin as well as the tissue underneath. This can cause permanent damage to muscles and vital organs.

The skin is the body’s protective layer, and when it is damaged or destroyed, bacteria and viruses can enter the blood stream directly. According to a study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), significant burn injuries can also cause a person’s immune system to shut down, creating an even greater risk for life-threatening infections. This increased susceptibility is easily the most dangerous aspect of burn injuries. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) claims that over 10,000 people are killed by burn-related infections each year.

Burn Statistics

CDC statistics show that millions of people seek medical attention for burn injuries each year. Of those who get help, close to 50,000 require hospitalization or another form of intensive care. In addition, certain groups of people are affected more than others. Statistics from the American Burn Association show that 68 percent of people admitted to burn centers from 2005 to 2014 were male, and nearly 30 percent of those admitted were hurt in a location other than their living quarters.

When a burn occurs in a place other than the home, it could be because of poor planning or negligence. State law requires that many places open to the public have a detailed fire escape plan. For example, Section 118.075 of the Wisconsin State Legislature requires public schools to have comprehensive safety plans, complete with a method for evacuation and a safe meeting point. Unfortunately, many establishments, ranging from grocery stores to art galleries, are not prepared for such catastrophes.

Unsafe conditions can also result in serious burn injuries. Imagine, for example, that you are at your local supermarket. While walking through an aisle, you trip on an exposed electrical wire that sends pulsating heat throughout your lower body. Once you move away from the wire, you realize that you have second-degree burns on one of your legs. Stories like this one are all too common, and they often involve the owner or employee of an establishment failing to take adequate safety measures.

Receiving Medical Treatment

First-degree burns may be treated without going to see a doctor. For minor burns, one effective first aid technique is holding the affected area under cool, but not cold, water. To prevent infection, you can also wrap the burn with a sterile bandage; this may also help with pain caused by coming into contact with other objects. It can also be beneficial to take certain pain relievers, such as ibuprofen.

If you get burned and experience severe redness, swelling, oozing, or discoloration, you should seek immediate medical attention. A doctor can determine the severity of the burn by examining whether the affected area includes subcutaneous tissues, such as muscles or nerves. They can also provide antibiotics and shots to stop tetanus and other serious infections.

In the medical world, it is a well-known fact that treatment for burns can be expensive. In a study conducted by the University of Sydney, it was found that the average cost of treating a severe burn was over $73,000; additional studies have found similar results. Part of the reason for this outrageous cost has to do with the fact that severe burns heal very slowly. Skin grafting, a process that involves skin transplantation, may be necessary for replacing skin that is too damaged or disfigured to heal properly.

How Our Wisconsin Burn Injury Lawyers Can Help

At Studinski Law, our burn injury attorneys understand that you may be in a serious financial situation because of the medical care you were forced to acquire. Above all else, our goal is to help you seek the funds you need to move on with your life. Because we only handle a small number of cases, we can dedicate the time and resources necessary for developing an effective legal strategy for your circumstances.

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