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Full Attention & Dedication for Every Client

As a litigator for over two decades, Jen has worked both with individuals and with corporations of all sizes. Her wide range of experience has given her a unique perspective on how the law affects both plaintiffs and defendants, and the importance of providing equal access to all parties. Jen particularly enjoys working in uncharted areas of the law, and believes that every case can help create stronger and better law. She feels privileged to be an advocate for her clients, and works to ensure that each client’s unique needs are given the full attention and dedication they deserve.

Achieving Success with a Personalized Approach

Through her extensive experience, Jen believes that each case, like each client, is different and there is no template for success in litigation. She is highly skilled in alternative dispute resolution, including mediation, and believes that “winning” a case is not limited to a court verdict. Her attention to detail and dedication to pretrial work and discovery helps to ensure that nothing is left to chance and how we handle your case is the best approach for that case at that time.

Jen grew up in Michigan, and fell in love with Wisconsin when she attended the University of Wisconsin Law School. When not at work, she gets to spend time with her husband and her two sons. In her remaining time, she is a distance and trail runner and an enthusiastic baseball fan.

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