Each year the Wisconsin Department of Transportation releases data on crash statistics. The year 2019 saw 39,723 people injured in accidents, as well as 551 people killed. The total number of crashes in the state has increased more than 21 percent over the last five years.

Car accidents are a leading cause of death in Wisconsin and across the nation. If you have been injured or a family member was hurt or killed in a crash, it is important to contact an accident lawyer as soon as possible to pursue compensation.

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Major Factors in Accidents

Many single- and multi-vehicle accidents happen because of drunk drivers. Too much alcohol in a person’s system decreases their ability to operate a vehicle safely. It can make them drowsy, unable to identify hazards, and can decrease their motor control and reaction time. In 2019, Wisconsin witnessed 6,058 alcohol-related crashes. These caused 2,918 alcohol-related injuries and 140 deaths.

Speeding is also a major factor in Wisconsin car accidents. There were 21,813 speed-related crashes in 2019, which led to 8,398 speed-related injuries and 163 fatalities.

In addition to drunk driving and speeding, many wrecks occur in construction zones. Wisconsin had 2,489 construction zone crashes in 2019. This resulted in 899 construction zone injuries and 17 fatalities.

Car Accidents Rise in Wisconsin

Urban vs. Rural Streets

There is a difference in crash rates based on the type of street and environment. Rural and urban environments rarely have similar accident, injury, and fatality rates. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation calculated the number of accidents in 2019 by type of road as follows:

  • Urban city streets saw the most crashes at 57,601
  • Rural state highway crashes accounted for the next highest number of accidents at 23,455
  • 19,500 urban state highway crashes occurred in 2019
  • County highways saw 12,992 accidents in 2019
  • Town roads were the site of 10,922 crashes
  • Urban interstate crashes accounted for 7,197 of 2019 accidents
  • Crashes on rural city streets follow closely behind with 7,129 accidents
  • The “lowest” number of accidents occurred on rural interstates (5,492)

Whether on streets or highways in the city, town, country, or elsewhere in the county, drivers need to be aware of potential accident risks. A crash can happen anywhere.

Other Accident Types

Car accidents account for the majority of crashes in Wisconsin. However, the Department of Transportation also gathers data on other types of motor vehicle accidents, as well as collisions involving pedestrians, bicyclists, and wildlife.

The statistics for 2019 include:

Data from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation also show that an enormous 18,414 deer crashes occurred in 2019. These accidents resulted in 556 injuries and 9 deaths.

Updated Car Accident Statistics for Wisconsin

Accidents by County

One of the benefits of Wisconsin is that it offers residents and visitors a wide variety of environments. From quiet lakesides to busy cities, you can always find exactly what you want.

These different environments and populations lend themselves to different rates of car accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

The counties with the highest rate of accidents in 2019 were:

  1. Milwaukee County: 29,594
  2. Dane County: 11,892
  3. Waukesha County: 8,681
  4. Racine County: 5,172
  5. Outagamie County: 4,692
  6. Kenosha County: 4,474
  7. Brown County: 4,350
  8. Rock County: 4,346
  9. Winnebago County: 4,216
  10. La Crosse County: 3,882

A total of 145,288 accidents occurred across all 72 counties of Wisconsin in 2019.

Fatalities by County

Crashes in which a fatality occurred account for nearly 0.4 percent of the total accidents in 2019. The counties with the highest number of accident fatalities are:

  1. Milwaukee County: 74
  2. Dane County: 25
  3. Rock County: 23
  4. Waukesha County: 18
  5. Outagamie County and Racine County: 16 each
  6. Kenosha County, Manitowoc County, and Walworth County: 15 each
  7. Marathon County: 14
  8. Dodge County and Saint Croix County: 13 each
  9. Ozaukee County and Washington County: 12 each
  10. Polk County, Sheboygan County, Waupaca County, and Winnebago County: 11

Ashland County, Bayfield County, Calumet County, Forest County, Kewaunee County, Marquette County, Menominee County, Trempealeau County, and Vernon County all only recorded one accident fatality in 2019. Several counties had no reported fatalities in crashes, including Florence County, Lafayette County, Pepin County, and Richland County.

Car Accidents in Wisconsin by the Numbers

What Are the Most Dangerous Months for Accidents?

The majority of fatal accidents in 2019 occurred between April and September. The deadliest month was August 2019, with a total of 73 accident fatalities.

The safest months were January through March, as well as December. The month with the least fatalities in 2019 was March, with 27 accident deaths.

What Is the Outlook for Accidents in 2020?

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation maintains preliminary data on crashes throughout the year. As of September 2020, accident fatalities are lower than they were in September 2019 (387 vs. 414).

However, accident fatalities spiked sharply earlier in 2020 than they did in the preceding year. Preliminary data show that 70 accident fatalities occurred in June 2020.

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