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Your Rights When Hurt on the Job

Wisconsin law provides all employees with the right to seek workers’ compensation benefits in the event of an injury while on the job. Many people have doubts about their ability to collect if they hold some responsibility for the accident that caused their injury. However, you do have a right to collect workers’ compensation even if you caused the accident. Studinski Law, LLC understands how Wisconsin courts and insurance companies apply employee negligence in workers’ compensation claims, and we will seek to get you a work injury recovery that is sufficient to help you move forward with your life.

Rights that you have during the workers’ compensation process include:

  • The right to be represented by a lawyer. Your lawyer can help you negotiate with the insurance company and make sure that you get compensation for all your injuries.
  • The right to appeal any decision with the help of your lawyer.
  • The right to disability compensation if you are permanently or even temporarily unable to return to work due to your injury.
  • The right to see a doctor and pursue your medical treatment as you see fit.
  • The right to refuse any request by your employer to have your own health insurance to pay for medical treatment.

What Can Studinski Law Do for You?

You should immediately report an injury to your employer. We can help you with the workplace injury claims process from start to finish.
There is a statute of limitations, or time limit, on making a work injury claim. We will start working on your claim right away to make sure you meet necessary deadlines.
You may have a workers’ comp claim or a third party claim after an injury on the job. We can help you understand your rights.
Workplace Injury Lawyers

Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Laws

Most employees are covered by their employers’ workers’ compensation insurance coverage. A workers’ compensation action requires that no fault be proven in your injury; we simply have to show that you were hurt in the normal course of your job. However, we strongly advise that you have an experienced attorney help you navigate your your claim. The workers’ compensation attorneys at Studinski Law, LLC have negotiated with many insurance companies as we have sought fair compensation for our clients over the years.

Taking advantages of workers’ compensation benefits can help you recover, but it is not the ideal option in all cases. These claims allow for your employer to be protected from a lawsuit regarding your injuries. Several things to consider before filing a workers’ compensation action would include:

  • Keeping Your Job After Filing for Workers’ Compensation
    You are not guaranteed a job after your injury since your employer is not required to hold open your position indefinitely. However, you do have certain rights which include the right to not be fired out of retaliation for filing a workers’ compensation claim. If you were fired in retaliation, we can seek damages which can include back pay.
  • Suing Your Employer Instead of Seeking Workers’ Compensation
    We can help you sue your employer if they failed to have workers’ compensation insurance. Additionally, we can sue them if the injury that you sustained was not an accident but was instead the result of an intentional wrongful act by your employer.
  • Third-Party Lawsuits
    You may have been injured by the negligent actions of a third party when you were at work, and we can sue the other person or company in addition to filing a workers’ compensation suit. An example of this would include filing a product liability lawsuit against a company that made a defective product that injured you at work.
  • Workplace Safety Resources
    Your employer should provide you with proper training and protective equipment in order to perform your job. If you or someone else cause an accident that results in injure because you did not have proper safety resources, you may have a claim against your employer.

With offices in Plover and Marshfield, Studinski Law, LLC serves clients throughout Wisconsin. Whether you live in a large city or a rural town, regardless of the accident or the injuries you suffered, you have the right to be compensated for your losses. Our personal injury attorneys in Wisconsin are familiar with the Wisconsin courts in your area, and will fight to tell your story – wherever it needs to be told.

Our Workplace Injury Lawyers Can Help You

We know that a workplace injury can be very stressful, but remember that you deserve to recover physically and financially if your employer did not provide you with a safe environment or sufficient workplace safety resources. Due to the various time limits imposed by Wisconsin law, it is very important that you contact your workplace injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Types of Workplace Injuries and Damages

No two injuries are the same, and our work injury attorneys approach each case with the understanding that the victims have their own unique challenges in moving forward with their lives. Depending on the type of work that you were engaged in when you were hurt, there could be a variety of different state and federal rules and regulations that could come into play in your case to recover damages. The many different types of cases in which Studinski Law, LLC has experience include:

Work Injury Compensation – A Wisconsin Workplace Injury Lawyer May Help

The damages to which you are entitled under Wisconsin workers’ compensation can help you and your family recover lost wages and pay for medical bills. Workers’ compensation benefits are calculated under a system where the insurance company considers your physical injuries. The insurance company may offer benefits or a work injury settlement to push your claim through the system. However, if they do not, we can help you get compensation for disability, lost wages, medical expenses, and more.

If a third-party suit is pursued along with seeking workers’ compensation, we can seek non-economic damages like pain and suffering, but fault must be proven. Your work injury attorney in a regular negligence claim or a third-party suit will have to show that the other party was negligent, and that this negligence was the cause of your injury. In these cases we can help you recover damages for the following in addition to medical expenses and lost wages, which are covered by workers’ compensation:

  • Pain and Suffering
  • Emotional Distress and Mental Anguish
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life
  • Loss of Earning Capacity
  • Loss of Society and Companionship
  • Property Damages
  • Punitive Damages

Hurt on the Job? Protect Yourself.

Our workplace injury attorneys have spent years handling workers’ compensation cases and extensive trial experience. We can help you get results no matter the accident.

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