Distracted drivers cause many accidents every year in Wisconsin leading to serious injuries. State and local laws have been enacted in recent years attempting to reduce the prevalence of these accidents, but unfortunately texting and driving accidents have been on the rise. These accidents have increased as the role of cell phones has increased. If you have been injured in a texting and driving accident, you need a lawyer with experience in seeking compensation for those hurt by distracted drivers. Distracted driving causes many dangers and can pose serious injuries and even death.

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Dangers of Texting and Driving

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has identified texting and driving as the leading cause for distracted driving accidents. One in five accidents involve distracted drivers, and in 2016 alone, Wisconsin had over 25,000 cell phone accidents. A person who spends only five seconds sending a text message while driving 55 mph will travel over 100 yards while distracted.

The car accident lawyers at Studinski Law, LLC, have helped many people recover damages after they have been hit by a person who was distracted while driving. Some of the types of accidents caused by texting and driving include:

To recover compensation from the negligent party and her insurer, your lawyer will have to properly investigate your accident and show that the other person was negligent. Not only will our accident lawyers review police reports and witness statements, but we will also request phone records and related information particularly when it appears that your injury was caused by a distracted driver.

Texting and Driving Law in Wisconsin

Since texting and driving has become a great danger over the last several years, state and local laws have been enacted to try to reduce the number of accidents caused by this distraction. Our car accident attorneys understand that each car accident is unique. Wisconsin state law has strict cell phone usage while driving restrictions such as:

  • Texting and driving is against the law for all drivers in Wisconsin.
  • Hand-held or hands-free cell phone conversations are allowed except for those driving on a probationary license or instruction permit, except to report an emergency.
  • No driver may use a hand-held mobile device when driving through a road work zone, except to report an emergency.

State law requires that drivers pull over to a safe area if they must send a text message, and they are encouraged to do so if they are making a phone call. A person who uses their cell phone while driving risks causing a serious accident. Studinski Law, LLC can help you recover if a driver negligently using their phone has injured you.

A Wisconsin Texting and Driving Accident Lawyer Can Help You After A Texting and Driving Car Accident

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has cited the growing use of cell phones while driving as a leading cause for the increase in dangerous accidents over the last several years. If you are hit by a distracted driver, the consequences can be severe or even fatal. Our accident lawyers know that no two texting and driving car accidents are the same, and we will work with you to identify the negligent party and seek compensation.

The Wisconsin statute of limitations law generally requires that a suit for personal injury be filed within three years or risk being dismissed. Therefore, you should contact your lawyer as soon as possible after being hit by a distracted driver. You should request a specific analysis of the statute of limitations in your case. As your car accident lawyer, we will investigate your accident and negotiate with the other party’s insurance company in order to seek sufficient compensation for your injuries.

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