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November 5, 2021

How To Prevent Road Rage Car Accidents

The term “road rage” is used to describe angry or aggressive behavior by the driver of a vehicle. Aggressive behavior can include verbal insults, rude gestures, and intentionally driving in an unsafe or threatening manner.

While some instances of road rage can be simply shrugged off, in other cases, they can lead to altercations, assault, collisions, and even death. According to a study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, nearly 80 percent of drivers express significant aggression, anger, or road rage at least once a year while driving. Additionally, the same study found that male drivers and younger drivers ages 19-39 were significantly more likely to engage in aggressive behaviors.

While feelings of frustration are completely natural when behind the wheel, it is the duty of every driver to manage his or her emotions and not risk the safety of others on the road. 

The experienced car accident attorneys at Studinski Law, LLC have seen the devastating impact of road rage collisions firsthand. We know the severe consequences these crashes can have on the lives of injury victims and their families. Our firm is committed to helping our clients recover the justice and compensation they need to get their lives back on track.

Common Examples of Road Rage

Road rage involves anger, impatience, and aggression that far too often results in serious car wrecks and catastrophic injuries. The first step toward reducing road rage is to recognize its many forms, which can include: 

  • Purposefully ramming or bumping another vehicle
  • Exiting the vehicle to confront another driver
  • Intentionally cutting off another vehicle
  • Blocking another vehicle from changing lanes
  • Making rude gestures
  • Honking to express anger or annoyance
  • Yelling at another driver
  • Deliberately tailgating

How to Safely Manage Feelings of Road Rage

Experiencing anger while driving is normal. However, anger can impair a driver’s judgment and cause him or her to act in dangerous ways that threaten the safety of themselves and others. Below are some tips to help mitigate road rage:

  • Plan your journey and start early if possible to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Put aside worries from home or the workplace and focus on driving
  • Play soothing music
  • Adopt a positive mental attitude
  • Stay calm and courteous if provoked
  • Take a breath and count to ten
  • Remember that you cannot change others’ attitudes or behaviors – only your own
  • Do not make rude gestures, flash your lights, or honk your horn in retaliation – this only exacerbates the situation
  • In the event of a dangerous interaction, keep your doors locked and remain in your vehicle
  • If you experience aggression, note the license plate number and report the incident to the police

How to Respond to Aggressive Behavior

If you find yourself confronted by an angry or aggressive driver:

  • Remain calm
  • Avoid eye contact
  • Do not respond to provocative or disrespectful words, gestures, or actions
  • Do what you can to avoid conflict

How to React to an Aggressive Person Approaching Your Vehicle

In some of the most dangerous situations, the other driver may exit his or her vehicle and approach yours. If this occurs, consider the following steps: 

  • Stay in your vehicle – make sure your windows are up and the doors are locked
  • Avoid arguments and other provocative gestures that will exacerbate the situation
  • Leave the area if you can safely do so
  • If the aggressive driver is following you, do not go home
  • If you cannot leave the area due to traffic or other circumstances, pick up your phone to demonstrate that you are calling the police
  • If the aggressive person does not back away from your vehicle, honk your horn to attract the attention of others
  • Document the license plate number and make and model of the other driver’s vehicle

Can I Sue For a Road Rage Accident?

If an angry driver’s negligence caused the accident that led to your injuries, you have a right to pursue damages for your physical, emotional, and financial losses. However, as is the case with all personal injury claims, you must prove negligence on the part of the at-fault driver.

Proving negligence in car accident claims can be very complex, and requires the knowledge, skill, and resources of an experienced attorney. If you have been injured in a road rage accident, it is in your best interest to contact a reputable lawyer as quickly as possible. There is a limited window of time in which a personal injury lawsuit may be filed, and the clock generally starts ticking the moment your accident occurs.

In cases of road rage, criminal charges may be filed separately from a civil suit. Additionally, because road rage collisions often involve the intentional harm of another, punitive damages may be recovered in these claims. In Wisconsin, punitive damages are capped at $200,000 or twice the amount of compensatory damages, whichever is greater. An attorney can explain your rights and what you can expect in your specific situation.

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