Were you injured during a crime that took place in a location where you should have been safe? If you were injured during a robbery or assault within a building or area that should have better protections, call our Wisconsin negligent security lawyers at Studinski Law, LLC right away.

In some situations, the main person responsible for the outcome of a crime is the criminal. However, landowners and occupiers who know crime is a risk have a duty to protect their visitors, guests, and customers. If the owner of the building or area where you were injured failed to take the necessary precautions to protect you and others from the effects of reasonably foreseeable crimes, then you may be able to hold them responsible and seek compensation for your injuries.

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Understanding Premises Liability

When you lawfully frequent residential and commercial buildings, you are protected by what is known as premises liability law. According to premises liability, the owner or current tenant of a residential or commercial space is responsible for maintaining a reasonably safe environment. While a parcel of land, house, or building does not have to be perfectly safe, the owner or occupier must take reasonable actions to detect, fix, or warn against hidden defects or hazards.

Common issues landowner or occupiers are responsible for include noticing and repairing broken stairs, maintaining proper lighting, and clearing off snow or ice from walkways. If you were injured on someone else’s property because they did not maintain a safe environment, premises liability gives you the right to hold the owner responsible and seek compensation for your injuries.

Adequate Security as Part of Premises Liability

Owners and occupiers of residential and commercial properties are responsible for the security of their buildings. At the very least, building owners should have doors and windows that can be properly locked and secured. This is essential in apartment buildings and commercial buildings that are not always open to the public. Residential tenants, business employees, and others have the right to be safe within these buildings, and one way to help keep them safe is to provide locking doors and windows.

However, secure locks may not be enough. While building owners, managers, and tenants are not usually responsible for a crime, they may have the duty to take additional security precautions if crime is a concern. For instance, if an apartment building or store is in an area known for break-ins, then a landlord needs to take steps to secure the building against parties unlawfully entering it to steal property or commit assaults.

Adequate security may require:

  • Bars or other security measures on windows close to the ground
  • Day-time security systems requiring key or electronic card entry
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Security guards
  • Guest name tags and escorts within the building

What is Adequate Security?

If you were injured during a crime that you feel was committed because a building or area did not have adequate security, contact our Wisconsin negligent security lawyers today. There is not a one size fits all rule for what is considered adequate security. The number of security measures an owner or occupier of the premises should take depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The type of land or building
  • The level of risk in and around the facility for crime
  • Any history of crime within the building or surrounding area
  • The generally accepted level of security in that area or for that type of building
  • If any other local ordinances or laws require certain security measures
  • Any insurance-related security requirements

Moving Forward With a Negligent Security Case

Whether or not the area in which you were injured during a crime was adequately secured is a question you may need to take before a judge or jury. The owner of the premises may argue they took reasonable precautions to keep lawful visitors like you safe. However, you may have evidence to the contrary.

For instance, if you were injured during a robbery in a store, the landlord and commercial tenant may both argue they had adequate security based on a few surveillance cameras. However, if you know that the commercial buildings in this area are often targeted for theft and robberies during store hours and neither the landlord nor tenant had adopted security measures in response to this risk, you may have a case for negligent security. With the help of an experienced premise liability lawyer, you may be able to argue that the risk of a robbery that could include force or threat of force created the duty to take additional precautions such as hiring security guards.

At Studinski Law, LLC, we are prepared to help you prove in court that the land or building where you were hurt should have had better security measures, and if there had been adequate security, you would not have suffered an injury.

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