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When Is the Trucking Company Liable for an Accident?
January 8, 2021

Can You Sue a Trucking Company?

The first party to look at closely in any semi truck crash is the driver. After all, the person who operates a vehicle is responsible for doing so safely. When commercial truck drivers fail in this duty, they may be liable for damages. However, one of the biggest differences between a truck accident and a […]

Speeding Causes Many Car Accidents in Wisconsin
December 28, 2020

The Number One Danger on Wisconsin Roads

Much of the conversation around safe driving centers on dangerous behaviors such as distracted driving, driving while intoxicated, and not wearing seatbelts. However, the biggest threat to motorists in Wisconsin is much easier to control. Unfortunately, the problem is also pervasive, with some drivers engaging in the behavior every time they get behind the wheel. […]

How to Prove Distracted Driving in Your Accident Claim
December 15, 2020

Building a Distracted Driving Accident Claim

Distracted driving is a major problem on the roads of Wisconsin and throughout the nation. In spite of laws like Wisconsin’s ban on texting and driving, many people still make the dangerous decision to multitask behind the wheel. Given how common distracted driving is, it is often worth considering if the driver who causes an […]

Next Steps After a Truck Accident
December 3, 2020

What to Do After a Big Rig Truck Accident

Confusion often defines the scene of a crash when a semi truck is involved. These accidents may result in damage to multiple vehicles, with the occupants often sustaining serious injuries. With this in mind, the first thing to do after an accident with a big rig is to call 911 for help. Emergency personnel will […]

Protect Elderly Loved Ones in Nursing Homes
November 17, 2020

How Can I Keep My Loved One Safe in a Nursing Home?

Moving an elderly loved one into a nursing home comes with a range of emotions. On the one hand, staff at the facility can give dedicated, round-the-clock care that many families can’t provide on their own. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for family members to feel a mixture of guilt and fear […]

Suing for a Wisconsin Slip and Fall Accident
November 5, 2020

When Can I Sue for a Slip and Fall Accident?

Wisconsin winters are a mixed blessing. On the one hand, snowfall transforms the landscape into a wonderland perfect for ice skating, sledding, skiing, and many other activities. On the other hand, the accumulation of snow and ice can make walkways, parking lots, and roads extremely hazardous. If you slip on ice or snow in the […]

Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Wisconsin
October 29, 2020

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim in Wisconsin?

The loss of a loved one can shake your family to its core. When a spouse, parent, sibling, grandparent, or a child dies, your world may seem like it has crashed to a halt. In addition to mourning the loss, you may face financial challenges if the deceased was a primary earner for the family, […]

Compensation for Pain and Suffering
October 14, 2020

What Is Pain & Suffering?

The financial impact of a serious injury can be overwhelming. From medical bills to the income you lose from being unable to work, your injuries can take a toll in many different ways. However, significant expenses and physical disability are not the only outcomes with serious, ongoing consequences. Physical pain and emotional distress may not […]

Wrongful Death Statute of Limitations in Vehicle Accidents
September 29, 2020

Why Is the Time Limit Different for Wrongful Death Claims Involving Vehicle Accidents?

All civil claims are subject to time limits known as the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations determines how long you have to pursue legal action to recover damages in your case. In Wisconsin, the statute of limitations for most wrongful death claims is 3 years from the date that your loved one passed […]

Examples of Truck Accidents
September 14, 2020

Common Types of Truck Accidents

Safely operating a semi truck requires care, diligence, and training. Similarly, running a business that transports goods demands a commitment to safety and compliance with state laws and federal regulations. Unfortunately, truck drivers, trucking companies, and other parties in the trucking business often cut corners in order to speed up delivery times and make more […]

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