October 1, 2018

Most Dangerous Roads in Marathon County

Marathon County is a beautiful area in north central Wisconsin. It covers 1,576 square miles and is known as the largest county in the state by land area. It is home to many businesses that offer legal, financial, advertising, and retail health care services. In addition, Marathon County is recognized as a top county for dairy production in Wisconsin.

While Marathon County is a great place to live and work, it is no stranger to car accidents. Below is a list of some of the roads in Marathon County on which crashes frequently occur. If you are injured in a car accident, reach out to an experienced Marathon County car accident lawyer at Studinski Law, LLC. Call us at (715) 343-2850, or reach out via our online form to schedule a free case consultation today.

Dangerous Roads in Marathon County, WI

Drivers, not roads, are ultimately responsible for car wrecks and resulting injuries. However, road conditions can make car wrecks more likely. Some of the roads in Marathon County where drivers need to be particularly careful and attentive include:

Wisconsin Highway 97
One of the highways in Marathon County where wrecks frequently occur is Highway 97. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) has recognized this and recently began a $4 million project to improve its safety. The project involves making modifications to traffic signals, adding an overlay to the Big Eau Pleine River Bridge, and installing several sidewalk extensions.

Wisconsin Highway 29
Highway 29 is another dangerous highway in Marathon County. Fortunately, WisDOT has completed a restructuring project that has made it safer. Since many accidents have occurred between Highway 29 and County Road O, an overpass was added to eliminate this risky area. This overpass is just one of the several improvements that have been made to Highway 29 since the mid-1990s.

County Road B
Due to the culvert replacements that have been taking place on a daily basis over the past month or so, County Road B is considered a risky road to drive on in Marathon County. The project has caused road closure signs to be placed at crossroads, so that drivers can get around work sites. Since road closure signs and construction make drivers nervous, it’s particularly important to be extra cautious while driving down this road.

CTH N Between Skyline Lane and County Road X
Marathon County has announced a construction project that will take place on CTH N between Skyline Lane and County Road X. Currently, this roadway requires particular driver care because of its distressed pavement, narrow lanes, non-paved shoulders, and worn culvert pipes along the corridor. Proposed improvements include installing a 12-foot travel lane with 5-foot shoulders, grading and flattening the end slopes, improving side road intersections to promote better traffic flow, and replacing or enhancing the existing signs.

Until improvements are made and this project has been completed, drivers must be particularly aware of their surroundings and pay close attention when navigating CTH N between Skyline Lane and County Road X.

What to Do After a Car Accident in Wisconsin

Our Marathon County car accident lawyers recommend you do the following if you’ve been in an accident within county limits:

Call the police.
Even if you believe the car accident is a minor fender bender, call the police so that a report can be filed. Such a document can serve as a valuable piece of evidence if you decide to file a claim.

Gather information.
Collect the names, contact information, and insurance details of other drivers involved in the crash. Take photographs of the accident scene as well as any injuries you may have sustained.

Refrain from admitting fault.
Even if you believe you are responsible for the accident, refrain from apologizing or admitting fault. Doing so can hurt your case down the road, especially if you are not actually liable for the crash.

Seek medical care.
Visit the doctor right away to seek a diagnosis and treatment plan. If you delay seeking medical care, an insurance company may be hesitant to pay for your medical bills.

Don’t accept a quick settlement.
Insurance companies are in business to make money. Therefore, the liable party’s insurer may call you and offer you a quick settlement in the hopes that you accept it and refrain from negotiating for more. Never accept any compensation without speaking to a Marathon County car accident lawyer.

Contact a lawyer.
By consulting an attorney, you can determine liability and may be able to recover compensation for your damages.

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