Large tanker trucks use Wisconsin roads every day, often to transport dangerous materials. While tanker truck companies are heavily regulated by state and federal laws due to their size and hazardous cargo, they, unfortunately, are still involved in devastating accidents. If you have been hit by a tanker truck, you need a trucking accident lawyer who understands how to investigate and analyze your case in order to seek proper compensation from the negligent party.

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Causes of Tanker Truck Accidents

Large trucks get into thousands of accidents in Wisconsin every year, often resulting in serious injury or death. A tanker truck is complex since it is equipped to transport dangerous and heavy cargo. In fact, the thousands of gallons of liquid or gas that may be in a tanker truck can often cause the vehicle to flip or slide if safety measures are not properly followed. There are a variety of reasons that can cause serious tanker truck accidents including:

  • The driver is distracted due to fatigue, intoxication, or by a mobile device
  • The driver is driving in a manner that is reckless given the weather or specific requirements of the tanker truck itself
  • The driver or trucking company failed to properly maintain the vehicle
  • The people or company filling the tank did so in an improper or dangerous fashion

Given the complexity that is often involved in tanker truck accidents, it can be difficult to determine all potentially responsible parties for your accident. However, if you seek to recover damages for your injuries, your Wisconsin tanker truck accident attorney must be able to show that someone’s negligence resulted in your harm. Studinski Law, LLC has helped families recover from devastating truck accidents in Wisconsin. We will typically interview witnesses and police, request and study track records and driving logs, and analyze accident reconstruction data in order to build your case for recovering damages.

The Result of a Tanker Truck Accident

A tanker truck, particularly one involved in a high-speed accident can cause substantial damage due to its large size and dangerous cargo. The cargo may be flammable and can cause a large fire or explosion that can affect other vehicles and people, including those who are not directly involved in the accident. Toxic substances in tankers can be poisonous or irritating to a victim’s body, and you may need extended medical treatment after being exposed to many of the hazardous materials that are commonly in tanker trucks.

The size and cargo of tanker trucks can be especially dangerous when combined with the specific nature of how these trucks are designed. Tanker trucks are top-heavy vehicles that can flip over on their sides. In many cases they will cause substantial damage by skidding down a roadway after an accident. Additionally, these tanks are highly pressurized in order to store their liquid or gas cargo, making an accident-induced explosion a dangerous possibility to those in close proximity to the wreck. Some of the injuries that we have seen sustained by victims in truck accidents include:

Government Regulations for Tanker Trucks

Tanker trucks in Wisconsin have a variety of state and federal regulations which detail rules regarding hours of service, maintenance requirements, and record keeping. These regulations are in place, in part because, commercial trucks, especially tanker trucks, are known to cause devastating accidents when the driver or trucking company neglects to take proper precautions. Tanker trucks are required to properly handle and seal hazardous and flammable cargo, and proper labeling must be in place to inform cargo workers and the general public about the dangerous materials on board.

If you are in an accident because a tanker truck driver or company failed to properly meet safety regulations, you may be looking at a long and costly recovery. For this, and other reasons, tanker trucks are required to have higher liability insurance coverage to allow for proper compensation for victims of these types of accidents. The minimum insurance requirements vary based on many factors including truck size and type of cargo. To receive proper compensation, your lawyer will need to understand how to investigate your tanker truck accident and build your case for damages from the negligent party. Studinski Law, LLC has years of experience negotiating with insurance companies, and we understand how trucking regulations are applied to accident cases in court.

A Wisconsin Fuel & Tanker Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help You

After, being in a serious accident with a tanker truck, it is normal to be overwhelmed and devastated by possible injuries to you or a loved. Our tanker truck accident lawyers understand how to help you seek compensation to help you on your long path to recovery. Wisconsin statute of limitations law may prevent you from pursuing your case if you wait too long to file a lawsuit, so you should contact your lawyer as soon as possible after being in an accident.

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