You likely do not often think about automatic doors or garage doors. As long as they open and close on command, they are an overlooked aspect of your life. However, this typical feature of homes and businesses can be dangerous. For garage doors, a combination of weight – which can be hundreds of pounds – and automatic features can cause it to strike you or pin you to the ground. It is also likely to harm you if it is defective or malfunctions. Automatic doors throughout businesses can also be problematic. If these doors close suddenly, without warning, or too quickly, they can strike you, trap you, or knock you down.

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Common Automatic and Garage Door Accident Injuries

When an automatic or garage door strikes, pins, or knocks you to the ground, it can cause minor-to-significant injuries, including:

  • Bruises and lacerations
  • Concussions and head injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Polytrauma
  • Broken bones
  • Pinched nerves
  • Dislocated joints
  • Back and spinal cord injuries
  • Lost limbs/amputations

Depending on the circumstances, automatic and garage door accidents can also lead to permanent disability or death.

Liability for Automatic or Garage Door Accidents

If you were injured in a garage door accident, then you face the difficult prospect of determining who is responsible for your injuries. There are a number of possibilities depending on the circumstances of your case:

  • Property owner or tenant
  • Seller
  • Manufacturer
  • Designer
  • Installer

Figuring out who is responsible for the accident and your injuries can be difficult. It may take considerable investigation and research to determine if the incident was the result of a careless or reckless act, poor maintenance, improper installation, a defect, or some other factor. Once you know why the accident happened can you look to the proper party for compensation.

You may not be able to figure this out on your own. An experienced premises liability lawyer can investigate on your behalf and determine who may be liable. It might require filing a personal injury claim to utilize the legal discovery process.

Recovering Compensation for Automatic and Garage Door Injuries

Following a garage door accident that leaves you injured, you must deal with the financial repercussions. Though you may be able to use your health insurance when you receive medical care, you will likely have a number of out-of-pocket expenses. If you suffered moderate-to-significant injuries, you are likely off work for weeks or months. You face medical bills on top of having a lower income. These factors make it necessary to seek compensation through either an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit.

Once you have determined the individual or business responsible for the accident and your injuries, you can make an insurance claim. Dealing with insurance should be straightforward, however, it rarely is. Insurance companies may present a great deal of red tape and can be tough to negotiate with since their priority is to save themselves money – not take care of you. Working with an experienced Wisconsin personal injury lawyer can help you protect your rights, get through the insurance claims process, and seek the maximum compensation for your injuries.

When a settlement is not achievable or you and your attorney require more information, then your best course of action may be to file a personal injury lawsuit. By filing suit, your attorney can utilize the discovery process to gather documentation, answers to your questions, and important testimony. This can help strengthen your case and give you more leverage during settlement negotiations. If your claim was denied or settlement negotiations stalled, then you can move forward with the trial and have your claim for compensation decided by an objective judge or jury.

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