June 27, 2018

School Bus Accidents Can Result in Serious Injuries to Dozens

At least 20 people were injured when a school bus was struck on Interstate 39/90/94 near DeForest, Wisconsin in May 2018. The school bus was parked along the shoulder of the road when it was hit from behind by a truck. The accident occurred on the north side of the highway, slowing traffic for around three hours. School bus accidents are among the most terrifying and traumatizing incidents a person could experience. While they may not occur at the same frequency as car crashes, they are just as devastating.

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Students Among Bus Accident Victims

The bus was carrying approximately 30 students from Hope Christian Schools when it was struck. According to a post on the Hope Christian Schools Facebook page, the students attended the Semper campus. Semper houses classes for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Nine people were treated at the University of Wisconsin health facilities as a result of the crash.

The bus stopped on the shoulder of the road to fix a mechanical problem. Neither Lakeside Buses of Wisconsin, nor Hope Christian Schools officials could be reached for comment, according to news reports. The State Patrol is investigating the crash. However, they had already been attempting to locate the truck at the time of the accident after they received reports of it driving erratically. Emergency crews from several areas responded to the crash, including Divine Savior Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Middleton EMS, and the DeForest, Columbia County, and Dane County police departments. Rescue units from Lodi, Madison, Marshall, Poynette, and Waunakee were also on-scene to help.

Accident Victims Receive Medical Attention

Some of the injured were taken to the University of Wisconsin hospital, where a spokesperson said their injuries were not life-threatening. It is unclear what the total number of injured people was, or what their respective conditions are. The uninjured students were taken to the headquarters of the State Patrol in DeForest. They remained together until they reunited with their parents and classmates.

Injured in a Bus Accident in Wisconsin? Call Us for Help

School bus accidents terrifying experiences for everyone involved. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a bus crash, you want to know that your health is taken care of. You may have medical expenses piling up. You may be unable to earn money, depending on the severity of your injuries. You will want to know if there’s some way you can be compensated for the harm you have suffered.

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